Have you heard of dry verge/ridge systems?

Dry ridge (also known as dry verge systems) is the method of fixing ridge tiles to a roof without the need for mortar. Mortar is the traditional way of fixing ridge tiles in place. The dry ridge method catches any rainfall that may get underneath the tiles and releases it back onto the roof itself. Instead, dry ridge uses stainless steel screws to clamp the tiles to the roof, keeping the inside of your roof dry.

So what are the advantages of dry ridge systems? The short answer is maintenance. Dry ridge system roofs have a lot of advantages when it comes to lasting longer than their traditional counterparts. Dry ridge roofing will not blow off during stormy weather, which can sometimes happen to roofs made with mortar. Mortar also needs to be maintained as it degrades over time. Dry ridge roofing removes this concern.

Dry ridge also provides ventilation to the roof space and stops the roof from moving (yes you read that right!). Roofs can sometimes actually move through natural contraction and expansion; dry ridge systems prevent this.

If you think that dry ridge systems are the right solution for your roof, GMC Roofing can help. We are experienced in providing this effective and long-term means of protecting your roof. Contact us if you have any more questions about dry ridge roofing!